Thursday, April 2, 2009

University of Iowa Student Government

Hey! Long time, no posts, but that should change.

I'm running for President of UISG at UIowa! So far I've talked to several student organizations, finished our first debate, had several interviews, and more. Thankfully, it's been going rather well. We've built the substance of our campaign - a solid foundation based on our platform and our people. Anyone can visit our website to learn more about what The L Party really stands for on a plethora of issues - making us the most transparent campaign ever created.

We've had the chance to talk to student organizations ranging from Students To Assist Recruitment, to Public Relations Society of America, to Students Today Leaders Forever. Every time I am impressed by the students that are in these groups, and it reminds me of why I want to fight every day on their behalf. I believe I will be the strongest advocate for students that the University of Iowa has ever seen - not just by pushing things through, but by building a consensus around common goals and common ideals.