Saturday, April 4, 2009

Leading the Way!

Our campaign, the L grassroots movement for real change in the University of Iowa's Student Government, has so far been an entirely positive, meaningful campaign focused around the issues - and that's what we're sticking to. Our platform, found on our website, is detailed and comprehensive, and we're completely open and transparent in our goals.

We've had fun so far, and it's about to get even better. This weekend I've been spending time further organizing our volunteers, working to get people to come to our events, and trying to get the word out in the most positive manner possible. Today we were on the PedMall, projecting our name and giving out stickers and shirts. Monday we will have "L" buttons, and continue passing out fliers.

Thursday is our movie screening of "The Youngest Candidate" - a unique documentary about young people and politics in 100 Phillips Hall, Iowa City, at 6:30pm.