Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Have I Met Everyone?

Hey! I keep wondering, have I met every student at this school yet? Then I remember: of course not. But as I travel from student organization to student organization I meet dozens of students from every background, every creed, every race, every religion, and every department. I remember we have one important theme in common: we are all hawkeyes and we all love the University of Iowa.

This exemplifies why I hope to become President of the University of Iowa Student Government. I believe that I will bring a new level of openness and accountability to our student government, requiring our executive officers to blog, and posting Senate meetings on YouTube. I will then work hard to advocate for all students on a daily basis as President, meeting with student organizations on a regular basis. Don't forget to vote April 13 or 14 on ISIS.

Learn more at our UISG Election website.

These are the groups we've met with so far:
  • Social Work Students Association
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • The Journal of Race, Gender, and Equality at the Law School
  • Student Video Productions (General membership, plus Iowa Desk & Couch and Talk Iowa)
  • Campus Activities Board
  • Pan-Hellenic Council
  • Content Magazine
  • The Daily Iowan Editorial Board
  • Bijou Theater
  • Indian Student Alliance
  • HawkTrade
  • Burge and residence hall students
  • Dance Marathon Executive Board
  • Phi Sigma Pi
  • Economic Human Rights Organization
  • Students To Assist Recruitment
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Public Relations Society
  • Students Today Leaders Forever
  • Public Interest Research Group
(I believe we have more, I hope to update later.)