Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 reasons why is better than Microsoft Office

We all love lists. They're fast, we all love sometimes just skimming titles, and they're fun. Here are the top five reasons Open Office is better than MS Office.

  • 1. Free - Like, Forever is usable completely free of charge. The cost is zero as long as you have the internet, but that is nothing in comparison with what Microsoft wants for its products. All updates and new versions of are also free of charge. You don’t pay to upgrade, just download them free. New releases of appear once in several months, while Microsoft’s updates are issued once in two or three years.

    Note that you have to include the '.org' in the name because OpenOffice is a trademark to someone else.

  • 2. Open Source is open source software, both free as in free beer but free as in you can do what you want with it. That also means that lots of folks around the world are constantly improving the software. Releases then happen when the several of improvements is done, not when the marketers decide that the'll make the most money.

  • 3. Use Anywhere, Freely (Cross-Platform and Portable) runs on both Windows and Linux and Mac OS. Download the right version and enjoy the same great functionality on any platform or operating system you like to use most. OOo always saves in the same, portable format that is open and free.

  • 4. Fast, Friendly Interface has a simple, user-friendly and fast menu interface with a high performance. You don't have to hunt around for the features you want - they are in the most logical location. You shouldn't have to wait several seconds to open multipage document or large size file also. also consumes less PC resources, allowing its applications run faster and more effectively.

  • 5. Efficient Calculations Calc (the alternative to Microsoft Excel) is faster, simpler to use and less demanding in terms of memory and disk space. It excels in its calculation functions, and in its flexibility in fine-tuning of diagrams is also great. Calc also has plenty of very useful and convenient filtering features like Excel, which makes it a good and balanced choice for anyone who wants to use a reliable and flexible spreadsheet.