Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 reasons why is better than Microsoft Office

We all love lists. They're fast, we all love sometimes just skimming titles, and they're fun. Here are the top five reasons Open Office is better than MS Office.

  • 1. Free - Like, Forever is usable completely free of charge. The cost is zero as long as you have the internet, but that is nothing in comparison with what Microsoft wants for its products. All updates and new versions of are also free of charge. You don’t pay to upgrade, just download them free. New releases of appear once in several months, while Microsoft’s updates are issued once in two or three years.

    Note that you have to include the '.org' in the name because OpenOffice is a trademark to someone else.

  • 2. Open Source is open source software, both free as in free beer but free as in you can do what you want with it. That also means that lots of folks around the world are constantly improving the software. Releases then happen when the several of improvements is done, not when the marketers decide that the'll make the most money.

  • 3. Use Anywhere, Freely (Cross-Platform and Portable) runs on both Windows and Linux and Mac OS. Download the right version and enjoy the same great functionality on any platform or operating system you like to use most. OOo always saves in the same, portable format that is open and free.

  • 4. Fast, Friendly Interface has a simple, user-friendly and fast menu interface with a high performance. You don't have to hunt around for the features you want - they are in the most logical location. You shouldn't have to wait several seconds to open multipage document or large size file also. also consumes less PC resources, allowing its applications run faster and more effectively.

  • 5. Efficient Calculations Calc (the alternative to Microsoft Excel) is faster, simpler to use and less demanding in terms of memory and disk space. It excels in its calculation functions, and in its flexibility in fine-tuning of diagrams is also great. Calc also has plenty of very useful and convenient filtering features like Excel, which makes it a good and balanced choice for anyone who wants to use a reliable and flexible spreadsheet.
  • Friday, April 24, 2009

    UISG Election

    The UISG election is over, and Go! Party won in the end. I hope they take some of our many ideas into account. We had a great run, meeting many people and impressing plenty with our ideas and energy. There will be a lot to do. Sorry for not updating too much, I've been very busy. Need to catch up on homework, sleep, studying, et cetera.

    • Keep Tuition As Low As Possible

    • Improve Safety With Subsidized Cab Service

    • Make UISG more connected with students

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    Voting Rescheduled

    After thousands of students had tried to casts votes and found themselves unable, the University of Iowa Student Government Election is being postponed! Voting will now take place next Monday, April 20th, starting at midnight. Although this will cause a lot of extra work for the campaigns, the candidates, and the parties, it provides a new opportunity for students to learn about the candidates in this election. In the end, this can go two ways: 1) more students will choose not to vote, because of the extra campaigning, or 2) more students will vote after having more of a chance to learn about all the candidates.

    Be sure to learn about the L platform, and vote April 20th! :)

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    Have I Met Everyone?

    Hey! I keep wondering, have I met every student at this school yet? Then I remember: of course not. But as I travel from student organization to student organization I meet dozens of students from every background, every creed, every race, every religion, and every department. I remember we have one important theme in common: we are all hawkeyes and we all love the University of Iowa.

    This exemplifies why I hope to become President of the University of Iowa Student Government. I believe that I will bring a new level of openness and accountability to our student government, requiring our executive officers to blog, and posting Senate meetings on YouTube. I will then work hard to advocate for all students on a daily basis as President, meeting with student organizations on a regular basis. Don't forget to vote April 13 or 14 on ISIS.

    Learn more at our UISG Election website.

    These are the groups we've met with so far:
    • Social Work Students Association
    • Association for Computing Machinery
    • The Journal of Race, Gender, and Equality at the Law School
    • Student Video Productions (General membership, plus Iowa Desk & Couch and Talk Iowa)
    • Campus Activities Board
    • Pan-Hellenic Council
    • Content Magazine
    • The Daily Iowan Editorial Board
    • Bijou Theater
    • Indian Student Alliance
    • HawkTrade
    • Burge and residence hall students
    • Dance Marathon Executive Board
    • Phi Sigma Pi
    • Economic Human Rights Organization
    • Students To Assist Recruitment
    • National Alliance on Mental Illness
    • Public Relations Society
    • Students Today Leaders Forever
    • Public Interest Research Group
    (I believe we have more, I hope to update later.)

    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Leading the Way!

    Our campaign, the L grassroots movement for real change in the University of Iowa's Student Government, has so far been an entirely positive, meaningful campaign focused around the issues - and that's what we're sticking to. Our platform, found on our website, is detailed and comprehensive, and we're completely open and transparent in our goals.

    We've had fun so far, and it's about to get even better. This weekend I've been spending time further organizing our volunteers, working to get people to come to our events, and trying to get the word out in the most positive manner possible. Today we were on the PedMall, projecting our name and giving out stickers and shirts. Monday we will have "L" buttons, and continue passing out fliers.

    Thursday is our movie screening of "The Youngest Candidate" - a unique documentary about young people and politics in 100 Phillips Hall, Iowa City, at 6:30pm.

    Building A Collaboration

    In building a new synergy, and a new collaboration for our student government, I have been meeting with a number of people. I meet with President Sally Mason on Tuesday, and Provost Loh on Thursday. I have met with VP Rocklin, the Director of the Office of Student Life, the Director & Assistant Director of Housing, and many others. To try to build collaboration between the two overarching student governments at Iowa, I have met with Steve Wieland of ECGPS, and Tim Paschkewitz of GSS.

    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    University of Iowa Student Government

    Hey! Long time, no posts, but that should change.

    I'm running for President of UISG at UIowa! So far I've talked to several student organizations, finished our first debate, had several interviews, and more. Thankfully, it's been going rather well. We've built the substance of our campaign - a solid foundation based on our platform and our people. Anyone can visit our website to learn more about what The L Party really stands for on a plethora of issues - making us the most transparent campaign ever created.

    We've had the chance to talk to student organizations ranging from Students To Assist Recruitment, to Public Relations Society of America, to Students Today Leaders Forever. Every time I am impressed by the students that are in these groups, and it reminds me of why I want to fight every day on their behalf. I believe I will be the strongest advocate for students that the University of Iowa has ever seen - not just by pushing things through, but by building a consensus around common goals and common ideals.