Saturday, February 28, 2009

Politics, Platforms

I've been reading a lot about President Obama lately. It's refreshing to see the change Obama has been working towards finally show up in the form of a proposed budget. This budget includes improvements to our health care system that will help save us in long-term costs, a cap-and-trade system for greenhouse gases, and increased spending on education, all great things. In the end, the entire country will realize that by investing more money in education now we will have a continued competitive edge in the world economy, even as other countries rise. We will improve our health care system by making data electronic, and by modernizing our systems to save administrative costs in any health care situation. And finally we will reverse the poor policies of the Reagan era by making taxes more fair, by decreasing them on the people who have the least money, and increasing them on the people who can afford to pay them.

In other notes, I've been working a lot on my own stuff - keeping very busy. All in great fun, though.