Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of 2008

It's the end of 2008, and I'd say it's been quite the year for everyone. With the darkness of the economy sliding downhill, the hope of having a great President-elect, and the new year coming along we all see the dawn of a different era. No one knows for certain what 2009 might hold, but we must all work hard to ensure that it goes well - don't slack!

This past year I recieved my AA, started at the University of Iowa, got a student computer programming job at UIHC, became ARH Associations Director, got the job of Sun Campus Ambassador, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Mindbridge Foundation, and I've been working on a whole lot more. All in all, it's been a great year propelling me forward, while still adding more to my laundry list of things to do.

Fortunately, I see things continually improving. My skills, my resume, and my to-do list should all improve in this upcoming year. In February I'll have Gamicon completely off my list of things to work on, and I've pretty much got most of my work on the game convention done after a little creative thinking yesterday. Next I'm going to be continuously working on learning more for the Open Source University Meetup as part of my position as Sun Campus Ambassador. I think I might even be able to convince my girlfriend to help me from time to time ^_^.

After that, my major projects are still numerous, but I think I can get it done. ARH improvements, the L campaign, work, classes, learning Kanji, and everything else will all keep me busy. I see a very exciting and opportunity-filled 2009. My pledge is to work hard all year, get stuff done, and be able to relax in 2010. Believe it.