Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Concept of Open Source

Today is election day, and all across the country people are going to be voting for the type of change they want. But how does that relate to the title of today's post "The Concept of Open Source"? Well, in a way, the correlation is strong, although you can relate nearly anything to the same principals.

By voting, or volunteering for a campaign, a person is contributing a little to society. Input on how the society should be run, on what decisions should be made. Many people even have contributed more, by getting others involved in the process.

Now, open source is a built on much of the same principals. The project evolves around a community, a community with ideas, and input, that guides the direction of itself. People contribute their ideas, their thoughts, and even their work, much like volunteers contribute their time and energy to rally people to a cause or candidate. Each involves a sense of contribution to the whole, a collaboration of ideas and a synergy of work that can help further progress.

Open Source is like Voting. Now vote, today.